Drop text onto front page


I have my front page image but I would like to drop some text either Horizontally or Vertically to the far left and then a second piece to the far right (or text can materialise)

t t
e e
x img x
t t

Is this possibly or an alternative method of doing so - would also like to change the font and colour

Hello there,

Could you please share your site URL here so I can have a closer look? Please point me where those texts actually reside in.


Hi Kharis,

Link below, but as I don’t know how to drop text onto the main page there is nothing to see, but I would like to get fig (on the left) and IT(on the right of the image)


Also under our service how can i swap the blocks around as it seems it goes alphabetically whereas I would like IT Solutions first and IT Security last?


Hello there,

You can add text using the “Text” widget. It requires the Page Builder plugin be installed and activated.

Wrap your text with <p class="vericaltext"> … </p>. In the content box it will look like the following:

<p class="vericaltext">Your text goes here</p>

Then apply the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin or child theme’s style.css.

    word-wrap: break-word;

I found that workaround here.

I hope that will help.