Drop down menus on mobile site


The drop down menus, which work on the desktop site, are not showing on the mobile version of the site. Is there a fix or workaround for this? Thank you for any suggestions.


Hi, menu should work on mobile, can you post your page link for us to check it?


Thank you for the reply. When I go here: http://cosatl.com/int/ on my Android and click the ‘Policies’ menu button, the drop down menu option of ‘Test Drop Down Menu Page’ shows, but I can’t click on it because the site is already going to the ‘Policies’ page.

Is there a way to have all of the submenus show automatically, so they are clickable, or some other workaround? Thank you for your help.


You just have to hold down your finger over the link and sub menu will appear.


Right, but if I hold my finger over the link, the site goes to that page, and doesnt give me the chance to click the submenu link.


Nope, at least for my try :slight_smile: , I tried it on chrome for Android. Try with some other browsers and maybe if you can borrow someone’s phone, I will try it like that and inform you.


Thank you for your help…especially since the theme is free. I tried it a few more times, and when I hold my finger over the drop down menu, I get this message:
So I cant click on whats below it unfortunately.