Drop down menu

I’ve got problem with drop down menu that has some sub menus.
When I open sub menu, it goes so down and I cannot choose sub items.

My Website

Please help me


I’ve just checked your site and looks like the drop down submenu is working properly. Have you resolve this already?


Hi Awan,
Thank you for your attention
No, I didn’t do any thing, and it still looks like before.
I’ve checked it with 4 browsers, IE, Firefox, Opera and Chrome. I have this problem only in Google Chrome.
It’s so strange for me.
Do you have any reason or solution for this problem?

Kind Regards, alefpe.


Sorry for the delay, we have checked your site also with several browser and we didn’t see the issue with the submenu. The submenu is working as well in here.


It seems that I see this problem cause of my PC or browser. Because my friend told me about it 2 weeks ago, but i didn’t see until that day.
Today I don’t see any problem. I’m so excited.
Theme doesn’t have any problem at all.
Excuse me for wasting your time
Thank you for your support

Kind Regards