Drop down MENU not working


i am trying to get the drop down menu to work on this theme. it seems i can add pages or posts to the menu, but on the live site it only shows the page or post as a static link in the top or main menu bars with no menu titles. i can not get my site to run like it shows on the fashionista demo site with mouse over drop down menus. any ideas? thanks


Have you try this http://prntscr.com/9w77id ?

that got it, thank you very much.

one more question: is there a way to not have ‘pages’ become direct links on the top menu?

Oh I see, you have to un-tick this option http://prntscr.com/9w7zmi

that option is un-ticked, but it still persists


I am sorry for late response. I think I missed this thread.

Have you fixed this issue?If the issue is still exist, can you try to disable the installed plugin one-by-one? Just to make sure if its not plugin conflict