Drop down menu customization

good day,

i got my drop down menu working in my header, thank you for the help in doing this. of course it was an easy thing to do and i was missing something simple as is always the case.

well now, i’ve been reading and searching for ways to edit/modify the appearance of the drop down menu and again i’m spending “a lot” of time looking for something probably simple and straight forward. presently, the menu appears as a black box with my menu items listed. looks kind of clunky.

so i have 2 questions to ask here regarding drop down menu.

  1. is there a way to modify/edit/customize the way the drop down menu appears ?

  2. is there a way to have the listed menu item a trigger to show the drop down menu but not actually be a link to anywhere. example; presently i have “about us” as a menu item with other company related pages listed in the drop down, but “about us” is also a link to about us page. what i’d like to have is a menu item say called “company info” with “about us” as the first item in the drop down. “company info” would just be a menu item title and not a link anywhere.

thanks in advance.

> 1) is there a way to modify/edit/customize the way the drop down menu appears ?

It would be possible, but there is no an instant way like just a single click in dashboard, you would need to do extra coding. If you know CSS, it would be easy.

> 2 Disable link on parent menu

In the menu administration panel, you can use Custom Links. In the URL input field, enter: #


hey buddy,

ok to number 1. actually i found a way to widen the menu so the item doesn’t wrap from a post roman did for someone else similar issue so it looks better/ok. i don’t know css that well (i’m a copy paster type of guy) so as i said, its ok now.

on 2) i did what you said and it works great.

again cheers