Downloaded and installed Ignis, no clue how to work it

Am I able to get support? I downloaded the theme freely.

The only thing I need to figure out is, how do I get my portfolio/projects showing on the homepage beneath the slider?

Also, when I click “Customize” from the home page as your instructions state, the options panel looks NOTHING like yours in the video. Several items are missing including “Front page.” Why?

Can you help?

Michael Liuzza

Hello there,

You have to enable static frontpage for you site. We’ve a video tutorial for it, which you can follow from here:

You may want to read other documentation for Ignis theme here:


Can you please tell me a few things I do not understand? I am thankful.

  • how I can enlarge the site “logo” image. It is much too small.
  • On the portfolio page it shows “projects”. I need to change it. How?
  • There is also a pink bar at the top of each page. How is this changed? There seems to option in the CMS colors.

See portfolio:

Thank you for you help.

Hello there,

Please post your other questions in new separate topics. This will help us easier track progress. Also we’ll be able to avoid endless discussion. We’ll be very happy to help you on your other topics.