Download file xml is not possible



I can not upload the xml file. always tells me this error:
XML parsing error
Start tag expected, ‘<’ not found
Data not available

Please for your kind help me

thank you very much


I just tested now and it works fine.

Try to save it again and let me know what your steps were.


Vlad Thanks for your support.

I just tried again with this file

but it does not work.

procedure as I saved the file settings (3) xml and imported types.

Something wrong?


I can’t reproduce the issue so I’m not sure what could be wrong. You can try to reinstall Types and see if that solves it, but I doubt it.

If you can’t figure it out, you can make a temporary admin account for it and send it at vlad[at] and I’ll try to have a look.


I deleted types and installed again but still can not import the xml file. I created an account for you, you can get what you want.

ah and thank you vlad!


You were probably trying to import it somewhere else. It worked on the first try :slight_smile:



I have no more words