Doubts before buying SidneyPro


I am thinking about buying Sydney Pro packet for lifetime but I need to resolve some doubts about it before:

  1. Is it compatible with WooCommerce for electronic shopping in a simple and intuitive way for the end customer?
  2. Could I add the icon of shopping cart on top?
  3. Could I develop a section for uploading/downloading files in an easy and intuitive way?
  4. In case I buy the $199 packet (lifetime), it is a license for an unlimited number of developers?
  5. Will I have technical support for development after buying this lifetime packet?
  6. It is possible to be compatible with 2D and 3D computer-aided design software application such as autocad of
    katia in order to create floor or building maps?
  7. With this license will I be able to access to all themes?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply



  1. There’s a demo of the shop here so you can decide if it would look good for your particular shop:
  2. There’s a plugin for this:
  3. If you’re able to code, you can develop anything and hook into Woocommerce’s action hooks. Not really something that is theme related.
  4. It is unlimited for everything. Including number of sites and number of developers.
  5. We can help with minor code changes if needed. We cannot code things for you if that’s what you’re asking.
  6. I’ve worked with Autocad for years but I don’t understand the question.
  7. Yes.

In short, the Lifetime packages grants you access to all our current and future paid themes for as long as will exist. The support for it follows the same rules you can see on our forums’ main page found here:

Hi Vlad,

Thanks a lot for your fast reply,

Only doubt with the 6th point: My question was referred to autocad or katia because I need to insert dynamic houses’ maps (such us kitchen’s map, bathrooms’ map) made by autocad. Do you know if there are plugins to compatibilize your SydneyPro theme with this external aplications like autocad?

Thanks again,


So you mean like embed a .dwg file in the website and let people zoom it and stuff? I honestly have no idea. Maybe only if Autocad itself is able to output the code to something like SVG and then you can take it and put it on your website, regardless of theme or even if you’re using WordPress or not.