Don't want to show all image from portfolio



I have 6 images in my portfolio,
I would like to display 3 of them on my frontpage and 3 of them on another page of my website.

With the widget Sweetheat portfolio, I cannot choose to show only few images, depending on the category. But I can do it with another website that I have with the Theme Sydney.

How can I do with sweetheat ?

Thanks !



Unfortunately this theme doesn’t have option for that, but maybe we can hide them with some Custom CSS, please post a link to your website ( to both of the pages where you use the widget ) and let me know on which page which projects you want to hide, so I can check if that can be done with some simple Custom CSS.

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Okay thank you !

For exemple on this page:
In the “Mes realisations” part I want to show only “scientifiques”, “Banques & Assurances” " escape room" but NOT “définition d’interface”

How can I do ?



Unfortunately that can’t be removed with Custom CSS since it doesn’t have a custom class or ID.

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I am a content writer and i need a portfolio for me.


Hi @john,

You can build your portfolio easily with this theme. If you may have any theme related issues, please post a new topic.

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thanks i tried it really works.



Great! I’m glad it works! If you need help with anything else, please open a new topic.

Have a nice day!

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