Don’t know which theme to use for this project

I have a new project to start but I am doubtful of which theme will deliver the purpose of my business. So, I am going to try and explain what particular type of website I am looking to operate.

My business is basically a b2b marketplace with some changes. First of all, the closest website that does what I am looking for is the products that the vendors and requests will be in the website are usually high quality/high ticket products. Manufacturers and suppliers will mainly be the audience. I need something so that a client can request a particular product/material and vendors can bid to an auction for a deal.

Is something like this achievable in wordpress?


You can check Sydney Pro and Airi Pro. However, I think that the most important would be to find the plugin that would meet your needs in this case. I’m not sure if WooCommerce has extensions to achieve something like that.

Kind Regards, Roman.
aThemes Support