Doesnt work


I have a problem with your theme. I did excatly everything like stay in the documents. But theme doesnt look like as in demo.

If i put some buttons or animated text nothing from both doesnt appear on the site. Can u give me an advice what im doing wrong? Because im followed manual step by step .

Hello there,
Did you activate your header image? the animated text is working only when you have header image in your site.

Then please to follow the format of the animated text:
Add your strings in this form and replace with your own text: [“first string”, “second string”]

example: [“Welcome”, “To Intro Theme”, “ABC ‘&’ DEF”]

Thank you its work :slight_smile:

and another question how can i remove this?

I would like to get after intro only footer nothing beetween them.


Please make sure that your home page is using “business” template as page attribute then leave blank the description of your page and add the following css code to remove the gap between header banner and footer

#header-banner {
    margin-bottom: 0;

you can put those css code in your child theme, or using simple custom css plugin.