Doesn't load the page

Just started to use th ROcked theme for my new site. When buildning pages and making the menus I can’t get the pages to load when clicking on the menu. Example: If you click on “kontakt” in the menu you then need to scroll down in order to get there… How do I make the site just scroll down or load the “kontakt” page immediately?

I also wonder how I can make the Contact form more transparent?

To create the kontakt menu scrolled to the kontakt section when it clicked, you can follow the steps from here Its from different theme but with similar solution.

And to make the contact section has a transparent background, you can try to put the css code below:

    background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);

Thx for your fast answer Awan. Problem is that I still can’t make it happen? I’ve read the instruction and I’ve got the page ID (Which I Think is “page-id-28”). I inserted it in the “titel atribute” box under kontakt in primary menu. Maybe I’m not doing this correctly (Or probably). Do you have any furhter info for me?


You’ve change the front page? Maybe I can help you to find the exact element ID of the contact section

Hey Awan. Thank you for getting back to me. I have changed theme instead. I’m now using Sydney. Mostly because it seems that several others are doing the same and you have answered a lot more questions in that support forum. Maybe I’ll post questions there - will see.