Doesn’t play YouTube videos on mobile devices (iPhone and iPad)

Hi, aThemes Team!

I try to include my YouTube videos in my site page with SiteOrigin Video Player widget. The videos work fine on my computer but when I test the site on my iPad or iPhone I see the image and play button, but it looks like it’s just a static image.

I try to include YouTube videos without the SiteOrigin Video Player widget using the code:

<iframe width=“805” height=“453” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

but it also doesn’t help me!

I try to include the link but it also doesn’t help me!

Maybe You have ideas?

I have found the problem! It was the conflict with revolution slider which I use in start page. Do You have the solution to remove this conflict?


Can you remove your search widget from your footer please?
There’s also a CSS fix for this, though they should update Rev soon with a fix.

Hi, Vlad!

Yeah, this solution help me, but I still have a problem with revolutuin slider.
When I refresh my start page (one or more times) on iPhone or iPad the revolution slider crop the photo size before the show a good size. And when I scroll down or up, the page looks like little beat croped from the right side.

Maybe You know where is the problem?

Thanks a lot

I refreshed the page 10 times maybe on an iPhone 5s and I’m not seeing any issue. Sorry.

I see this problem on iPhone 4s and iPad 2

And what iOS are you running? Anyway, I’ll try to get my hands on an 4s to test this, though from what I understand from you it seems to be related to Revolution and not the theme so I don’t think there’s much we can do.

Yeah, You are right, I found this problem when I start to use the Revolution Slider. The iOS version is 9.1.