Does Sydney work without JavaScript (Alternative: Fallback)


I noticed that Sydney remains stuck at the loading animation when you have JavaScript disabled. Since certain “secure” browsers and some users have JavaScript disabled for diverse reasons, I would like the site to work without JavaScript as well. Is there a quick fix to make the theme work without JavaScript or is it entirely dependent on JS?

If it is, is there a way for a fallback solution?

I love Sydney so much and would hate to use a different theme, but I forgot to check this detail in advance.

Thanks in advance.


You can disable the preloader by adding this to your custom CSS:

.preloader { display: none; }

The theme is not entirely dependent on JS but there are certain components that need it and can’t possibly work otherwise, like the header slider for example.
I do believe that having JS disabled is a thing of the past so making Sydney work without JS isn’t something we’ll be doing. I’m not sure WP itself will work with JS disabled soon.