Documentation part II help with file

HI there, I was using the documentation to get the site set up with all sections as shown on the demo. In step 2 video where it says “Front page configuration part II – Building your front page” you upload a file and i clicked on “Icon list used in the video is here.” However, I wasn’t able to download anything to use in Wordpress. Can you provide the file please? Can you advice on getting this installed and the sections ready to use please? I would appreciate your feedback soon. Many thanks, Eva

Hello Eva,

The file that you have to download and import is Types settings, it’s here:

Icon list that you visited contains CSS classes that you should use in order to add an icon, just copy and paste.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi! I have the same problem and I wasn’t able to download anything to use in WordPress.

I click in the link, and I saw text only. When I save, that save liKe: settings-sh and the WP not accept it. I try copy paste anda the WP not accept to.

Can you help?



Hello IMP,

Please try to right-click on the link above and click Save Link As.

Kind Regards, Roman.