Do you want to


I have seen all the forum and can not find answer to my problem.
To create the block “do you want to …” As it is in your demo I’ve done what recomendáis, create a layout builder with 2 rows, one for text and one for the two call to action.

But I do not get even close to your demo. First there is a large space between the text and the two buttons, and second the background and appearance is completely different.

How I can do to come out exactly the same? including small sliding bottom.

Note: I’ve already entered your backend and I copied the same template and still do not know what to do.

Thank you for your response.

I’ve managed to bring the text to the buttons, but I still know how I can make the background image of the widget to move while progress is being made on the web as shown in the template Sydney

Can anybody help me? thanks


The background is set for the row, not for the widget.

Great!! Thank you very much!!!