"Do you want to" section

How do you create the ‘do you want to’ section in Sydney? None of the widgets seem to look like that. Please give step by step instructions, I’m new to this :slight_smile:

Hey miap,

I searched a bit and found that demo: https://www.themecloud.io/demo/44
You can see the whole Sydney Theme from the backend, if you go to the backend in the menu.

Another solution:
I guess it is the PlugIn “Page Builder by SiteOrigin” where you can create a layout in a layout. So you make a new row with 100% width, and in it you put the Layout Builder-Widget. If you’re editing this widget you can put in anoter row with maybe the headline and e.g. another row with the buttons.

Feel free to ask if something isn’t clear or if it works.

Kind regards.

That helped a lot. I have it set up, but there is a large space under the text, how do I change the size to make it more like the demo? solventlearning.com

That’s because the rows have a default padding of 100. Go into the layout builder and click the edit button for the rows (not for the content in it) and chance the default padding from empty (=100px) to maybe 0 or 25px.