(DO YOU WANT TO...) How did you make this section?

How did you make the DO YOU WANT TO KNOW… section in the Sydney demo?

To be clear the section with the parallax effect and the two boxes with semi transparent black backgrounds.

I’m able to get it to look similar (using my own way) but I can’t get the two background boxes to have the opacity the demo does.

Can you help please?

You can see a backend demo here: https://www.themecloud.io/demo/44

Thank Vlad, that help a bit.

However, if you please take a look at my site http://www.dailyfreelancewriting.com you will see that at the bottom where this section is, it didn’t work. Not completely.

Everything look almost identical accept the fact that it’s now pulled the info from first call to action, and not what is actually on the back end. I’m not sure why this has happened I followed the backend of the demo exactly.

Can you please take a look and let me know your thoughts?

Sorry, I missed your reply.
To be honest, I’m not sure I understand what you mean. This is what I see: http://snag.gy/hMfRD.jpg
You simply didn’t do the same styling on the first widget.

That’s the thing… I did do the styling the exact same on both widgets. It has to be an internal problem with the widget it self. Broken code or something.

Here is a screen shot of the left widgets (widget 1) backend http://goo.gl/PCYow3 and here is a screen shot of the other side (widget 2) http://goo.gl/w6wIFZ. You will see that the formatting is the exact same. You will also notice that the text that has been imputed in the back end of widget 1 is not being displayed when you look at the website http://goo.gl/KoEJXt. The text that is being displayed is being pulled from the first call to action widget (widget 3) that is placed further up the site see scree shot http://goo.gl/MXJPzm. And also on the second one down (widget 4) see screen shot http://goo.gl/i2ziel.

(Widget 2) and (Widget 3) are displaying the correct formatting and text.

(Widget 1) and (Widget 4) are displaying the wrong content. They are displaying the content from (Widget 3)

Does this make sense?

I see what you mean now.
Not really sure what to say. Have you tried deleting and re-adding the widgets with issues?

Yes I did.

Were you the one that created them? Can you take a look at the back end and fix it? I don’t understand PHP well enough or I would look for where it is broken…

I’m pretty sure that the call to action widget isn’t broken. I’m not able to reproduce the issue and nobody reported it before.

Could you send me an admin account for your site so I can have a quick look/disable some plugins etc?

Can I send it to Charlie’s email or do you have one I can use to send you the logins?

Sorry, I woke up too early today. vlad[at]athemes.com