Do you have any road map for Airi Pro and Sydney Pro

Hi there I have one question about Airi Pro and Sydney Pro do you have any road map for them or for the all-pro futures, so we will know what will come for the next update and it can help a lot and give chance the clients to tell what they want for the next future update and stay in tune.
Since you guys released Airi Pro I don’t see any update and you said every month you will release a new template but since the release, no new plugins no new template, you guys are very quiet now compare to Athemes 2016 I hope everything goes fine with you guys, wish you the best.

We’ve started designing new layouts for Airi/Airi Pro. Other than that we are open to suggestions from users. What would you like to see us do?


Hi Charlie thank you for answering me

I think Airi is a great theme lightweight, fast and flexible, I tested with different page builder I tested with Elementor and Brizy but it is very faster with Brizy. I think it will be nice if we could have an element area that we can put our codes like Hooks,
shortcode, Google Analytics code e.t.c plus we will be able to put Location and Condition, that possibility Astra, Ocentwp and GeneratePress they have it, and if we can have it on Airi it will be wonderful plus the templates that we already have there, that
will take Airi to another level.

Best Regards