Do not show author name and date on portfolio item page

I am redesigning my website and I am using Perth theme. I want to make following changes but I do not know how to make this change.

I do not want date and author name to appear under every portfolio item in single item page. I want date and author name to be removed from all portfolio item pages. Kindly visit this link:

Kindly let me know how to make this change.
Thank you.

Hello there,

Add this CSS into Apeparance > Customize > Additional CSS in your site dashboard.

.single-projects .entry-meta {
   display: none;


Code worked exactly as intended thank you.

You’re welcome and best wishes!

hi i have posted in the code below

/* .single-projects .post-navigation {
display: none;
} */

but dates are still showing, i have updated ‘simple custom css’ and refreshed the page several times but the dates are still showing do i need to remove any spaces etc?

I want to show related links but not show the dates they were posted