Do not read iframe modifications and plugins for modifying video players


Load the videos from the YouTube address nicely, but you can not modify them with plugins (by rel = 0 or autoplay = 1). The template does not read plugins for such modifications. In addition, he also does not read the YouTube iframe. Displays the video as before, and iframe modifications are ineffective. I am adding autoplay = 1 to the iframe, and the movie still does not play automatically. I am adding rel = 0 to the iframe and still showing the movie suggestions for other movies at the end. I wanted to install a noembed plugin (so that the website does not automatically exchange the Youtube address to the player), but the template does not read it. I am preparing a site with secure video content for children and can not be showing similar videos, because these sometimes contain profanity or other content inappropriate for children. Why the plugin to modify the embed and the iframe code do not work in the template, and the template always shows what it generated. I’m deleting cache files before seeing changes.



Where exactly you try to embed video? Do you use some plugin?

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I’m using a plugin “Lazy Load for Videos”
I check the option: “Hide related videos - If checked, related videos at the end of your videos will not be displayed.” And it does not work.

Other similar plugins with the option of blocking movie proposals also do not work (maybe you know the plugin that will work?).

The second method - pasting the full iframe code copied from YouTube into the htlm (and not visual) text mode with the rel=0 option does not work and the video suggestions at the end of the video are still displayed.


Okay, did you try to activate a default theme (for example Twenty Seventeen) to check if it’s an Alizee theme issue?

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I checked. The problem occurs in all templates. I do not know if it’s wordpress or youtube (maybe they turned off the rel = 0)?



First, you can check this StackExchange question:

Also you might want to check this WordPress plugin that seems to support YouTube Player Parameters:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

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YouTube does not allow you to disable this option. They make the proposals of films of everyone by force. Here is the information I found.

August 23, 2018

Note: This is a deprecation announcement for the showinfo parameter. In addition, the behavior for the rel parameter is changing. Titles, channel information, and related videos are an important part of YouTube’s core user experience, and these changes help to make the YouTube viewing experience consistent across different platforms.

  • The behavior for the rel parameter is changing on or after September 25, 2018. The effect of the change is that you will not be able to disable related videos. However, you will have the option of specifying that the related videos shown in the player should be from the same channel as the video that was just played.

To be more specific:

  • Prior to the change, if the parameter’s value is set to 0 , then the player does not show related videos.
  • After the change, if the rel parameter is set to 0 , the player will show related videos that are from the same channel as the video that was just played.
  • The showinfo parameter, which indicates whether the player should display information like the video title and uploader before the video starts playing, is also being deprecated. Following the change, the channel avatar and video title will always display before playback begins, when playback is paused, and when playback ends. The avatar being displayed is new behavior that will be consistent across all embedded players.

These changes will become effective on or after September 25, 2018. After that time, the showinfo parameter will be ignored. The behavior following the changes is consistent with the current default behavior for embedded players with the exception of the channel avatar changes mentioned above.

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