Do I need an uncustomised parent theme with a child theme

Hi there,

With lots of help from this forum I have done a bit of customisation on the Sydney theme and have just realised I should probably have been doing this in a child theme. So I installed the Sydney child theme and matched the customisation so the site looks the same as it did when the parent theme was active.

My question is: do I need to retain the parent theme on my site? If so, can it stay as it is (with all my previous customisations) or do I need to delete it and reinstall a clean copy of the parent theme?

Sorry if there is an obvious answer to this - as you may have guessed I haven’t used child themes before!

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hello Laura,

  1. Yes, child theme won’t work without parent theme installed.

  2. If you edited parent theme files directly, then you’ll lose your modifications after theme update.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.