Do I have to downgrade Page Builder (again)?

Take a look – the widgets down the page are SiteOrigin elements and go full-width on the page. It’s been recommended to downgrade to an earlier version of Page Builder – is this the best answer?


There were some changes in recent Moesia version that could cause it. Please check this topic:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

It’s not clear – am I expected to edit the content within every single Site Origin widget? Or can I do it by editing the siteorigin-panels/siteorigin-panels.php file?

So it works on an invidiual SiteOrigin Editor widget. What about other widgets, like SO Post Carousel, etc., where’s there’s no provision to text edit?


Please specify the widgets that you want to shrink and I’ll try to provide a workaround.

Kind Regards, Roman.

On my home page, the blog carousel (at the very bottom) is an example.

I assume SiteOrigin’s devs will get around to a fix for this eventually, too…?

And on a page like this, the layout is messed up even though it uses Visual Editor, not SO, and I can’t seem to find a fix.

Or this page – I added the snippet to each individual SO and Visual Editor widget, but the image (and the ad plugin placements, for that matter) are still not centeringl I’ve tried both SO’s image widget and the basic Image widgets that come with Moesia, to no avail.


  1. Try to use the following CSS code. You can add CSS code in Customize → Additional CSS section.
@media (min-width: 1200px) {
    .so-panel.widget.widget_sow-post-carousel.container {
        max-width: 1170px;
  1. I don’t see any issues on that page, its layout seems to be displayed properly.

  2. Try to add this CSS code as well:

.widget_media_image {
    text-align: center;

Kind Regards, Roman.

The reason the widgets are now displayed properly on the home page is that I went in and manually added the

fix to each SO widget. I’m having to do that across the other pages where I’m using Page Builder, too. Just wondering if there’s a global CSS fix.

I can’t add the first code snippet you’ve suggested – it says there’s an error on this line:

.so-panel.widget.widget_sow-post-carousel.container {

The second snippet fixed the problem of ads not centering, so thanks!


Okay, you can try to do the following instead of manual wrapping. Edit the style.css file and replace this selector (row 1984):

.so-panel.widget.container {

…with this:

.widget_moesia_blockquote.container {

I’ve just tried to apply the first snippet on your website using browser tools once again and it worked, I don’t see any errors there. However, it should be fixed with above modification.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Roman, it worked like a charm, thanks!

My next riddle, though: Why did 2/3rds of my footer widgets completely vanish, including all saved text, etc.? And now I can’t seem to replace them. All of Footer A, half of Footer B, gone. The Appearance/Widgets menu is being balky, too. Took the better part of an hour to restore my copyright line, and I can’t explain why it chose to start working for that single widget. Others won’t even save, and those that do save don’t display.

Great! You are welcome :slight_smile:

Please create a new topic for your next issue to keep forum in good order and make it easier to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.