Displaying Product Variations

Can someone help me please? I want to display product variations in a nicer format. This otherwise beautifully designed theme currently just shows 2 ugly boxes, which are drop-downs saying “Choose an option”. It would look much nicer if users could be shown a row of the colour options, and maybe small boxes / buttons for sizes. All product variations are instead just displayed as boxes, which isn’t very aesthetically pleasing nor user friendly. Moreover, they’re coded into a element, which makes them difficult to separate by just CSS manipulation.

Hello there,

That’s actually the default design of WooCommerce. To verify it yourself, you can switch to the default WordPress theme like Twenty Seventeen. Changing it requires a lot of code modification that really out of the scope of support service we can offer here in the forums. Your best bet is suggest a new design to WooCommerce team. You can reach them out through the .org forum. For quicker solution, you may hire a WordPress coder from codeable.io or upwork.com.