Displaying designed by in the footer

I want to display “designed by such and such” in the footer, not on other themes I have been able to go into the editor and just manually drop it in in the php files, however on this theme it doesn’t work? I want to have a link displayed and linked to the text, and using the default option in the cutsomeriser area, I’m unable to put the link in.



You can edit the footer.php file and add your link there but you can use the option without issues. Just add <a href=“yourlink.com”>Title</a> in the credits field. Let me know if this isn’t working for you.

Yep thats great - thanks - it doesn’t link to the website I put in though, for some reason - not sur ehwy but will revisit it! Any ideas on ways to add the facebok and twitter pages for the sidebar for social with perth? I’ve tried but can’t find the option to add links in the create new menus area? The site is www.ironworkswrexham.com

You need to also add http:// in front of your link.

You just need to use the Custom Link tab in the Menus area and add links to your Facebook profile etc. You don’t have to assign that menu anywhere, just select it from the widget. http://snag.gy/MczXc.jpg

Cheers very much, will give it a shot!