Displaying Blog Posts

Hello… I would like to create and display blog posts in my website. I know the theme has the capability and I can go right in and start making posts, but I need a way to present links to them in a couple of different places. I am not using the sidebar for anything but a logo at the top of it and I would like to place something on the front page for them as well. I want keep my layout just as it is so I do not want anything automatically changing my design to accommodate thumbnails and text for links to the blog pages. I need to have control over where I place those things. I do not see a widget for that so I am at a loss for how I can incorporate that into my site.

I know that one thing I can do is create the links myself and then I will have complete control over what is viewed and where… but… there must be a feature that will do that for me and keep the most recent posts up front along with a way to scroll through them and chose.


I’m not sure what exactly you want to achieve. Can you please provide more details, a link to your website, and some explanatory screenshots?

Kind Regards, Roman.