Display sub pages for current page

I want to display a list of sub pages on a page, but only the sub pages to the current page it’s displayed on.

My work around right now is to have a widget for each of the pages I want this on (+20 different pages), and then use the widget type “Sub page hierarchy” where I select the parent page.

What I’m after is a more generic solution so that I don’t have to create and maintain +20 different widgets for a small feature like this. Is it possible to display sub pages for the current page, maybe with a module or something else I haven’t thought of?

All the logos on this page links to the pages I want to display sub pages on.

Right now I’m working on the Brother page to find the best solution, before I implement it on the rest.

The idea is that we can add subpages with specific print device information to each vendor (parent) page without having to manually list them on the vendor pages. Some of the pages already have a large number of sub pages, and I would rather not want to restructure all the work that’s been put into it over the years on our previous website.


I’m not familiar with that Subpage plugin you’re using now, but doesn’t the widget it provides work in an automatic way? I mean, just drop the widget and it pulls all the subpages, present and future?

There isn’t a module for this and I’m not seeing how it would be different than using a widget. Perhaps I’m not understanding the problem correctly.
Here’s some code which could help if you’re looking to create a custom solution for this.