Display second-level menu on mobile

I can not see the second-level menu on the phone.

I have attached the image to explain better because right now the site is accessible only by changing the hosts file. If needn’t can provide the server IP.

I would like to see the menu in the image that are in the center even on the phone.

if you touch the menu “corsi” appears for an instant the second level but the phone goes on courses-page and I do not see the other options.

Is there a way to see exploded the second level menu and even third level? Or a way to gain access to these mobile phone?

Thank you very much for your support and congratulations for the theme because it is really beautifull.

Hi, sorry for the delay.

I updated superfish and supersubs plugins and added hoverIntent.js . Also there is a change in functions.php for hoverIntent.js. You should upgrade your theme version to 1.4 and please create a backup of these files before overwriting. These changes should add support for all Android browsers, iOS browsers and IE10 on touch devices.


Please let me know if this fixed issues on your mobile device.

Somthing must have gone wrong and now I see only blank pages and I can not access the site.

I loaded the file in the folder themes that have attached but did not seem to work.
I tried to recharge the old files I had copied locally before replacing them but now there is nothing left .
I no longer see the site and appear only blank pages . I can not even access the admin site . I’m scared. Can you help me?

Whatever you have done you must have access to wp-admin, post your page link please.

ok, I managed to put affixed with the old files. Probably when copying via FTP something went wrong.

I will try again soon with your files and let you know. Maybe there was a problem loading even with them. But first it seemed that the menu of the mobile flickers.
there is not enough space for the items and sub ​​menus and overlap each other.

Yes, mobile menu should be wider, apply custom css below (you can use simple custom css plugin):

#main-navigation:target > .sf-menu > ul {
	max-width: 100%;

This must work with default theme files and with new files that I provided.

Oh, I forgot, clear the browser history when you are trying my files.

ok, thank you very much for the help.

It is much better but there is still a problem.

the first level menu is not deep enough to hold the second level menu and the voices of the first level are no longer reachable because disappear below the working chamber.

also the third-menu level not seen perfectly well on the desktop version.

I hope you can help me again.

If you want to try test this link (http://taolong.net/corsi/) and click on the menu “corsi”.

To access the site you need to edit the hosts file with this data: taolong.net

thanks a lot

I can’t access your page, but nevermind, try this files.

I removed supersubs (deprecated) plugin and with CSS styling I provided before it should be fine.

CSS should be for mobile display only:

@media only screen and (max-width: 60em) {
    #main-navigation:target > .sf-menu > ul {
	    max-width: 100%;

It seems to work . in a few days the site will be online and then do confirmation if all goes well or is there still something to fix.

Meanwhile, thanks for all the help.

Great, post your page link when it goes online. I think that should be it and we will probably prepare an update.

the site is on line.
If you check this link (http://taolong.net/contatti/) and try to click on “corsi” you will see that there are still problems with the smartphone.
The menu is not long enough for contenre the second level menu.
The problem is the height.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Enrico,

I see, I also noticed that 3rd level sub menu items on mobile menu are not showing when they are positioned further down in 2nd level. This menu must have different concept on mobile.

OK, please just remove custom css that I provided earlier and overwrite your style.css with new one (also create backup), and tell me what you think (also clear browser cache before you try)?

Here is the file.

Now is Perfect!
Thanks a lot.

You are the best!