Display Problem On Mobile Device

I am experiencing a very weird problem. When you go into my website using computer everything shows exactly the same with the demo. But if you try to view the website on mobile devices, you will find out that the testimonial part displays incorrectly. It displays only one word in each line. And the most interesting part is if you enable the orientation function on your device, and after you rotate your mobile device, the testimonial part displays correctly. But when you refresh the page, you may have the problem again.
My website is wavvvr.com

I am french and that makes a long time I have not spoken in english but my problem of the day motivate me to participate in this discussion.
I have also a problem on Safari with Sydney’s testimonials in my website project. Not exactly the same that wavvvr but nearly.
When I use a computer, the testimonials display incorrectly : they are somes on the others, display only one word by line. BUT if I reduce my window, they display correctly and if I come back to large window, they display strangely correctly.
When I use a smartphone, it’s the same :
> first on vertical window : they display some on the others…
> secondly on horizontal window (landscape) : they display correctly.
> thirdly, when I come back to vertical way, they displays correctly as well.
Can someone help us ? Thanks

I tried a lot of different ways to solve this problem, reinstall the theme, reinstall all my plugins. I compared the coding between my website and the original sydney demo, I cant find any difference between them. And I am pretty sure it’s the browser’s problem. On google chrome and firefox, everything is correct. Is it something di with the css? Hope someone can help us out.

I have the same problem. But it only affects iOS devices. I tested my site on iphone 5s ios8, ipad mini 1 ios7 and ipad mini 1 ios8. All devices show the same: when you refresh the page, all testimonials are visible at once and they are all located at the left border of the section overlapping each other. When you rotate the device, the page rearranges and then all is displayed correctly even when you rotate the device back. When you refresh it is messed up again. I also tested on a Samsung Galaxy s4 where it works perfectly. So I think it is an iOS issue. But I also know that the demo site of the sydney theme works without any errors on iOS. So maybe it is an issue with other plugins.

Athemes! Please help! Please find the site I am talking about here: www.die-resilienz-experten.de. The testimonals are on the frontpage.

Thank you!