Display on Ipad full screen

My site isn’t displaying properly on Ipads. It works fine if i simulate the screen using screenfly or the ipad display screen size, but the actual Ipad is an irritation to me.

jesusinbrum.co. uk is site address. Without the space.

It has a white space across the screen. You can see pictures from friends ipads below


I noticed that you are using template full width for your front page. Please try to change the page attribute to “Front page”


When I change my site to front page it no longer displays full width and the front page disappears.

Hmmm okay, then you can try to fix the issue using the css code below:

.home .content-wrapper {
    padding-top: 0;

Is it happened on the front page only?

I’m not actually sure. It never used to happen, I don’t really use Apple so never noticed it, a friend sent me an image of the home page from their iPad. I don’t know if it was happening through the whole website or just on the homepage.

I can only view the problem when I log on using an actual iPad, all the simulation sites aren’t showing me the issue for iPads. It works fine on androids windows Linux, just apple Ipads.

I’ve just noticed my templates aren’t working when I change them from fullscreen to any other option that the pages doesn’t display, leaving the menu and footer only.

Just looked at the site on an Ipad mini and the whole site is reduced so a white gap is down the right hand side. This includes the homepage even using the css that you sent me. I don’t understand why this has started to happen as it did not happen previously.