Display main nav instead of burger icon


I have been trying to remove/hide the burger icon that appears on the website I am working on - http://wordpress.emergecounselling.co.uk/. I either want the burger icon to only appear on mobile phones or not at all on any device/pc and display the main navigation only.

I have tried everything including the below in the custom css and it doesn’t work:

#toggle-navigation {
display: none;

Hoping someone can suggest another option soon.


Hi Gail,

This theme basically are built to mobile-device friendly or responsive design. As default, the top menu will be change to burger icon if the device screen has max 1024px resolutoin (eq. mobile phone, tablet)

I guess you want to keep the top nav displayed as well as in the desktop when you access it from tablet and change it to burger icon when you access it from phone device. But there is a lot to do to change the design. I suggest you to request the modification to codeable for full support.