Display carousel on specific page


Hi. I’m a newbie to web designing (so please don’t roll your eyes while reading :))

Q: Is it possible to designate the carousel on a specific page?
I currently have a static Home Page and have changed the following settings.
Settings > Reading >
Front Page Displays > A Static Page
Front Page > Home Page
Posts Page > Insights

The carousel which used to display on the Front Page (landing page) has now moved to the Insights page. How can I set it to display on the Front Page? (while keeping the current settings mentioned above)
Website: creativeminer.com



You would need to edit header.php and replace is_home() with is_front_page().


Wow! Thanks for your prompt reply.
I made the change - it has moved the carousel to the front page (landing page)… but now the carousel displays vertically (without scroll).

PS. (change is currently saved, for review)

Thanks much!


I’m not seeing the change?


Well if i’m logged into the dashboard i see the change… once i log out and then go to the website it reverts back to the earlier version (so though the change was never made)… is there a way i can insert a printscreen image in this post?


You could link to a screenshot if you would like.

Are you using a cache plugin? If you are, empty the cache from the plugin settings.


I don’t see any cache plugin settings… but i clicked on the ‘Delete cache’ using the button at the top of the page, when signed into the dashboard. I think you will be able to see the changes now. It shows the proper carousel on the ‘insights’ page… but the home page has it vertical.

Thanks much!


Yeah, I forgot to tell you about the scripts.
Do the same code change you did at first in /inc/carousel/carousel.php.

Let me know how it goes.


Ok. Great thanks!
Will let you know once I get that done.
Thanks again!


Thank you Vlad… made the changes… and it works perfectly! :slight_smile:
You guys are amazing! (thumbs up!)