Disappearing Site Title and Tagline

Originally I had a Title and Tagline that displayed properly, when added to the Site Identity section of the Theme Customizer.

Later, I added my photo to the Site Icon of the same Customizer section and it replaced my Title and Tagline.

Not being satisfied with that, I deleted my photo image from my Media Library when I couldn’t figure out where to remove my Site Icon.

My photo disappeared as desired, but Now the Site Title and Tagline will not display EVEN though I have re-entered them.

Here’s a link to my current Front Page: Shapeshifter 3

Any ideas how I can correct this (I’m currently using the Nightly Build version of WordPress).

Hi, you can try to reupload your image to your media gallery then choose it as your site logo.

I just check your site and found that your site logo section is being used by logo image, but when I open your logo image to a new tab in the browser, your logo image is not loaded.