Disappeared call to action

Hi again,

I added a row including a call to action widget in my front page. Then an old call to actio widget used in a different row had been changed just like the new call to action.

Here’s my webpage: http://leetouch.com/wordpress/

The call to action in the 4th row (the 5th section under Recent Posts in the front page) is the old one. Its setting should display “See the Philosophy” buttom with “Take some time and see my Philosophy on life?” copy on the upper side of the button. However, it just looks same as the new one I made in “My Work” section.

How can I fix it? and How it happened?

Thank you again!

Never mind. I solved it. Maybe a bug in certain areas.

I divided the 4th row by 4 to add a column to both ends so I could move the old one in the 2nd column avoding using the 1st column that might be the area with the bug. Then the old widget shows nicely its contents.

It’s a trick, not solving the fundamental problem though.

Hello - Help!

The Sydney theme is terrific. Tutorials are great. However, the other day, for reasons unknown, the Call to Action button on the front page Header area disappeared.

Looking in the Customizing/Header Slider section, everything looks the same:
URL for your call to action button: #primary -
Text for your call to action button: Workshops / Homestudy.

Did I do something wrong? How do I make it appear again?