Disabling Mobile Menu

My site (www.leadingwithideas.com) is just a blog only, so I have no other pages for the menu to point to. My menu options are set to centered and sticky in order to keep my logo front and center, but I have no actual menu setup. On the desktop version, this works great: there is nothing visible between the logo and the header slider.

However, on the mobile version, the 3 line stack icon displays, which if clicked, displays a “Create your menu here” message.

How do I suppress this from showing up on the mobile version of my site?

Thanks, as always!


Actually, there is something visible on desktop too, that Create your menu here part right below your logo.
This will hide them both:

.btn-menu {
    display: none;

Perfect! Thanks Vlad.

Where’s y’all’s tip jar?

Hi Vlad!

How can hide then #mainnav-mobi ?
I tried with

display: none;

and also with:

.btn-menu {
display: none;

but this doesn´t work for me.
Any idea why ?

Thanks :wink: