Disable site name and caption

Can I disable view of “site name” and “site caption” on the main page ?
I have to fill these forms for Firefox tab description, but then automaticly site name is showing on main site on header…
Can I turn off / hide somehow this text view ?

THX, theme is AWESOME !!!

You can use some CSS if I understand correctly what you’re trying to do:

.home.page .site-title,
.home.page .site-description {
     display: none;

Another 2 lines of text on the screen are not necessarily for me, but it’s necessary for SEO and for Firefox to show name of tab…in other themes my other sites there is option to “turn off” visibility site name, but keep it in code for SEO… There is no option to “turn off the view/visibility” of these two lines in Katori theme, what would be even more awesome than it is now :slight_smile:

I made screenshot of this:

I’m not sure I understand, you want to keep it in the tab, yes? And only remove it from being displayed on the site? That’s exactly what that code will do.
What shows up in the tab in your browser doesn’t come from those to elements that I gave you the code for, it comes from here: http://snag.gy/wemhw.jpg. Though it’s the same text.

Thank you for advice.
Follow your instructions I added line “display : none” to CSS in section /.site-title/ alike in /site-description/ and it’s working like I wanted to…

Tab name in Firefox is visible but on main page title and site description are invisible.
For SEO site have name and description, but text lines are invisible, main site looks better now.

In original, when you type name and description during theme personalization, this text was always visible.
In my situation woman on photo have beautiful hypnotic eyes. Eyes were obscured by a line of text. I couldn’t left empty cells in personalization form, because then tab name in web browser was also blank and also for SEO…site have to be named and described :slight_smile:
Now it’s looks way better and theme is my new No.1 of all I ever tried!
All best!