Disable mobile menu?


First of all, I’m really amused with this theme and all of its free features! Thanks for sharing!

Tho, I’m using a different widget for the mobile menu because i wanted to have columns. (Max Mega Menu). But on the mobile site it’s not working properly with built-in menu. You need to open the “old” menu first before you can open the Max Mega Menu. How to fix? :slight_smile:

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Please try these css code below:

.btn-menu {
    display: none;
#mainnav-mobi {
    display: block !important;

you can add those css code in styles.css within your child theme (if any) or use simple custom css plugin.


Woehoe it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot, this case is solved :slight_smile:


I want to change the menu style for mobile menu. I want them in one line instead of 3 bars.

I tried the above code and it worked BUT can I get it in horizontal? instead of vertical drop down menu. because it covers my slider.

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