Disable header text slider, keep header image slider

First of all thanks for a great theme.

I would like the site headline and site subheadline to be still but keep the image slider (or technically, image fader).

AFAICT the Customizer contains no option for this. I can

  • have both sliders going
  • disable the image slider (but still have the text slider) by setting the slider speed to 0,
  • or just have a still image and a still headline by switching header type

I have tried various ways of disabling/scuttling the text slider. The most genteel - and I would think, most correct - way was to edit the main.js file and set ‘slidesshow’ setting to false, rather than true in the flexslider function. This has had no effect.

Less genteel approaches have included: deleting the entire ‘text slider’ section in main.js, deleting the flexslider.js file and editing the header.php file. The text slider stays, regardless of my efforts.

Hope somebody can help - I never thought it would be this hard getting something to not work.

EDIT: For reference the address is http://barthelotdans.com

Using Sydney-Them, how can I switch off the commentary function at site and Post?

@madskas: It’s actually easy to stop with a bit of custom CSS, though we should probably add an option for it in the theme:

.slide-text {
    margin-left: 0 !important;

Deleting/modifying main.js will have no effect because it is not used. It’s just there for reference because those are the theme review rules. The file that is loaded is main.min.js. Same thing as main.js, only minified.

@ahacoach: just like you would in any other theme, from your Settings panel or individually for each post or page. Please open your own topics in the future so we can keep things organized.

@ahacoach: Well for a start, start your own thread. Your question is not related to mine. New. Thread. Seriously. Dude.

That said, you don’t want comments on your site at all? Get this plugin. You don’t want comments on pages or specific types of posts? Get this plugin.

That worked perfectly. Thanks, Vlad. And thanks for the script explanation - I was slowly going out of my mind, editing and editing and getting nowhere.