Dimension of Footer Image

Hi Vlad

What is the recommended dimension for the footer image?


There isn’t any. It’s a background image and it will cover the whole footer no matter what size it is. So whatever size work best for you and the image you’re using.
This, of course, in case you’re referring to the footer image in Astrid Pro.

Hi Vlad,

Is there any way to adjust the footer logo so it doesn’t stretch wide when viewed in landscape on a mobile device? It’s not a proportionate stretch so it looks pretty bad on mobile when viewing landscape. Looks great in desktop browsers and when viewed portrait on mobile. Landscape on mobile (iPhone) appears to be the only responsive layout where I see a stretched-wide footer logo.

Does anybody out there have a solution for this? I’ve been searching for three months now and still can’t find a way to keep the footer logo from stretching when turning to portrait on iPad or landscape on iPhone.

Sorry, I think I missed your question. Feel free to email me directly at vlad[at]athemes.com in case it happens again.

I can’t seem to reproduce your issue on the demo site. I mean, it gets bigger but it’s proportionate. Can you share your link please?

Im experiencing the same issue. If not a recommended size, is there maybe a recommended ratio?



What would the issue be? There are two mentioned in this topic.