Difficulty making header and creating background parallax images


I have been unable to make the header image on my website a parallax scrolling image (it stays fixed when scrolling down). I was also wondering how I would be able create a parallax background image behind or in between sections (similar to the golden pens image on the demo page)? When I upload a background image to one of my sections (i.e. the About Us section) the image stays fixed behind the text. I haven’t tried to make any changes to the original code from when I downloaded the theme from your website, so I am not sure why I am having these problems.

Thanks in advance for your help!

website: www.linksnetwrk.com

That’s strange. Both the parallax for the header and for the section should work by default. Could you try disabling your plugins? Except for the page builder and types.

That did the trick, thanks for your help!