Different Video Header (DE/EN)

Hi Support!

I develop a website with Sydney Pro and Polylang. It is all fine BUT i need a german and a english version of the header video. When switching form DE to EN i must change the video because differnt sentences are integrated in the video - german and english versions. How can i do that?

Thanks - Hans


Sorry for the delay. That’s not possible at the moment but it’s an interesting idea so I’ve added it to our to-do list. Should be available next week.
If this is an emergency let me know and I can give you the code you need, though you’ll also need a child theme.

Dear Hans,

Thank you for getting in touch here. Try to use the Polylang Conditional plugin. By using this plugin you can display different content in the selected language by using a shortcode. But it isn’t easily to achieve. I will try to tell you how.

  1. Install and activate the plugin above.
  2. Generate HTML 5 video files using this web service
  3. Upload your files to Media Library (Dashboard > Media > Add New)
  4. To print the shortcode in the video slider section, you should overwrite the sydney_slider_template() function in your child theme’s function.php. Head on here for more comprehensive information
  5. Use WordPress native do_shortcode function
  6. Place your shortcode within <div class="video-container">

I hope this reply helps.


Thanks for your great support - we are using the polylang plugin for our site! It helps! Looking forward to your updates of Sydney Pro - a really great theme.