Different sizes of featured images in Latest News

When using “Latest News”, it’s only the first image which is correct in size, the other 2 are “zoomed in”.

All 3 images have the exact same size.

How can I get them to be the same size?

Web: www.sere.dk

In advance, thank you

The small one was there before you started using Sydney, correct?
Regenerate your thumbnails please and it should be okay.

Always regenerate your thumbnails when you’re switching to a different theme :slight_smile:

Just did a regenerate, and now all 3 pics are wrong :wink:

Are there any standard size for the pics to being used in the “Latest News” widget?

In advance, thank you

Well, they’re not wrong per se. Those thumbs get hardcropped to 550x400px so that they won’t have a big impact on loading time. So the output is correct at the moment.

Roger :slight_smile:

Will start resizing the pictures to that size.

First pic is ok.

Thank you for the quick reply and a great theme