Different options in free Sydney Theme on different hosts?

Hi Kharis, I have a free Sydney Theme managed on a clients GoDaddy site, and a free Sydney Theme managed on my own GreenGeeks site. I just installed Sydney on GreenGeeks and notice that several features are missing, for example in the Customizing Header Slider, on GoDaddy I have the option for Slider speed and Stop the text slider. Both these don’t show up on the Sydney in GreenGeeks. In GoDaddy’s Sydney in Customizing General there is Page wrapping for top and bottom padding. These options don’t even show up in Sydney in GreenGeeks. I can’t imagine what other options won’t show up. I am not using Pro in GoDaddy, and I installed it a month ago vs. installing on GreenGeeks a few days ago. Why the difference, and how can I get the same Sydney in GreenGeeks as I have in GoDaddy? I would like to leave GoDaddy and bring all my clients to GreenGeeks but I don’t understand this and want to get it figured out before moving. Thanks Kharis for beautiful themes. And all the folks at athemes. Sincerely, Marcia.

I just updated the one I just installed, and it had all the features, but wonder why the original install didn’t have them, as I installed it a month after installing it on another host which had them all. Well anyway, thank you Charlie and company for providing us with such amazingly beautiful and functionally responsive and awesome themes. Cheers, Marcia.

Hello there,

Based on what you’re written, it seems like you’ve been able to resolve it. Let me know if you’re still having trouble with it.