Different colors on mobile theme

We 've chosen a set of colors for our blog ( http://www.oopsblogara.gr/ ) but it has a totally different set of colors (not of our choise) when viewed on a mobile. How can we fix it?

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Could you please try to clear your mobile browser’s cache? or try to open with other device?

If the issue still persists, could you please be more specific which area has different color so I can easily identify the problem? Also please provide a screenshot if possible.


Hello both of you,

it seems like certain plugin changes the whole mobile style. Please try to deactivate all your plugins and then turn it on one after the other. Reload your site after every active plugin and find out which one cause the problem. Then go into the plugin settings and try to find an option to turn this off.

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I tried clearing my mobile browser’s cache, also tried deactivating all of my plugins and then turn them on one after the other, and reloading my site after each one - no change. I checked it on a tablet and evrything is normal. Still, on the mobile the problem remains.

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I’m sure this is caused by a plugin. Did you reload your page with cleared cache on your mobile when ever you turn on a new plugin?

@WeAreOne I did, it took ages, I 'll do it again though, just in case. Thanks for answering!

If all of this doesn’t work, you could send me an admin access to Jannis-Games AT gmx.de. I would take a look what causes this. After that you could delete the Account again.
The reason why I am so sure about it is, because I saw that type of mobile page often with the exact same menu and look.

Hallo again! Did it again over the weekend, turned off all plugins etc, and found it. It was the Jetpack that’s causing the issue. I 've emailed their support but no answer so far. Any ideas?


alright, for the next time I know which plugin cause this :slight_smile:

Here is a way to turn off the Jetpack Mobile Theme:
"You can disable the Mobile Theme by navigating to the Jetpack Dashboard (Jetpack > Jetpack in your WordPress Dashboard). Find the “Mobile Theme” module and click on the “Learn More” button. After you click that button, the “Deactivate” button will appear to the right of the “Learn More” button. Click “Deactivate” and you’ll be set."

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Everything is back to normal, thank you for bearing with me!

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