Different background image on each project

Hi Vlad, is it possible to have a different background image on each website project?

Thanks in advance


The option we provide for different background images is only for pages, but you can do it manually with a bit of CSS for projects too. If you post a link to your projects and a link to an image you want as background I can give you an example of how it can be done. It’s really easy.

Hi, the web is still not visible but if you give the example and where I can modify it we will manage.


Okay, you must add something like this in a custom CSS plugin:

.postid-2182 {
      background: url('http://image-url.com') no-repeat;
      background-attachment: fixed;

You can get the postid for a specific project by editing the project, the number you’ll see in the url bar is the ID.
You can also remove the background-attachment propriety if you don’t need it.