Different background colours

Hello support team,

I have a question about the project items on the homepage of the Sydney Pro Theme

website: www.gastro-events.nl
Login: nils
WW: nils123
(The frontend login is only to block users to the website unit the site is ready. no security issue:-))

Is it Possible in this theme to give a specific webpage a specific background colour (by CSS)?

http://www.gastro-events.nl/catering/ = green background
http://www.gastro-events.nl/events-op-het-land/ = blue background
http://www.gastro-events.nl/events-op-het-land/ = red yellow
http://www.gastro-events.nl/gastronomische-stadswandeling-den-bosch/ = red background


Tjeerd Engel

Hello there,

In the page editing panel, there is a Page/post options. In there you can pick a background color for current page/post background color. If it doesn’t appear, maybe it’s hidden by default. Expand the Screen Options near top right of the screen, then enable the Post/page options.

Doesn’t it work for you?