Desperate for help on problem with Footer!

This problem has been with me since I started trying to build this website. I have posted iabout it before and hope this post is not treated as a duplicate (even though, technically, it is)

I have been told that it is a complex issue, been told to contact codeplus.

As, hopefully, the image below shows, the page/page background extends BEYOND the footer, thereby leaving a huge green area after the footer.

This was occurring on EVERY page, including the Home Page slider.

After setting up a staging area for testing, I removed the Crelly Slider, and reverted back to the built-in Sydney Pro Slider - this solved the problem on the Home Page.

Howvever, the problem is still occurring on ALL the other pages.

I was using the “Additional CSS” (Appearance - Custom), as well as the SiteOrigin Custom CSS plugin.

So, in the Staging Area, I have have removed ALL custom CSS from both of these.and am now left with the “vanilla” install of Sydney Pro; and have deactivated all but the essential plugins - hence the formatting in the screenshot is all over the place.

Unfortunately, the footer problem remains.

I’m more than happy to provide access to the staging area (via temporary username and password) if that would help resolve this.

Thanks in advance.



As a workaround, you can try to change Footer widget area background color in Customize → Colors → Footer section to #65b2ae

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks for your reply Roman.

However, with all due respect, your “workaround” really isn’t a workaround - in that it doesn’t remove the unwanted space after the footer.

I’m new to website building, but I’m sure a footer is meant to be the end of a page. There should be nothing after a footer.

Has no-one else experienced this issue with Sydney Pro ii?



Currently footer comes after content, that’s default behavior that can’t be changed easily, unfortunately.

Kind Regards, Roman.