Desperate for help on problem with Footer! - UPDATE


I’ve just discovered what I THINK may be causing this problem.

Using the Inspector (right click - inspect), I’ve found what might be additional elements AFTER the footer.

This area shows up when I hover on “*, *: before, *:after” within the inspector.

I hope the attached screenshot explains what I mean.

Am I right in assuming that these are additional elements?, and if so, how can I get rid of them so that there is nothing after the footer?

Thanks in advance for any and all help on this.


Hello V,

Do you also notice this issue also occurs on our demo site? Please share a link to your site to allow me inspecting it.


Hi Kharisblank,

Thanks for the speedy response.

I think I’ve found something similar on the “Contact Us” page of your demo site.

Our website is


Hello there,

I didn’t notice any extra spaces in the footer.

Does your web browser have some plugins/extensions enabled? Does this issue also occur on other browser as well?

What’s your screen resolution?


Hi K,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I’ve tried every screen resolution available, and the problem still exists.

Please view the site on a mobile phone/tablet to see what I mean -

Whilst your screenshot does not show the problem, if you were to zoom in to 90%/85% you would that the background extends beyond the footer.

Am I the only one who is experiencing this using Sydney Pro?



I got it. That is a consequence of short content while being viewed on longer screen. As you are not have enough information placed underneath the main slider to footer area sticks with it. That’s normal behavior of common website’s footer. You may need to add some more static images or enable full screen slider via Appearance > Customize > Header area > Header type.