Desktop one page navigation

Hi team,

I followed the instructions here for the one page navigation menu and it works great on mobile! just not desktop.

here’s a link to my page, if needed.


Hello there,

The unique ID names should not be visible in the viewport when your homepage loads at the first time. And ensure they aren’t duplicated – only one unique ID presents.


Hi Kharis,

Thank you for replying! I believe it’s not working because I have certain rows hidden from mobile view that have the same ID name to correspond to Desktop view.
For Example:
-Row A has the ID name SHOP but you can only see it in Desktop View because it is hidden in Mobile View.
-Row B also has the ID name SHOP because you can only see it in Mobile view since it is hidden in Desktop view.

Is there a way for the One page navigation to work on both views? Maybe have some Navigation links only visible in mobile view, etc. Is that possible?

Is there any update for this issue?

Hello there,

I am sorry for the delay because I didn’t received reply notification. Let me ask one thing regarding About and Services. Do they appear in the same place? Please take a screenshot and put some annotations to point me to those two.


No, About and Services do not appear in the same place.

On the front end…

This is what is labeled ABOUT

This is what is labeled SERVICES (in desktop view)

On the backend…

I hope this helps.

Hello there,

Would you allow to check it directly from your site’s admin? If so, please share me the working username and password to your site’s admin.