Desktop menu on tablet


My site is, I am trying to do exactly as this gentleman posted here:

and have tried both the js & css method, both didn’t work.

For js, there was no difference at all. For css, tablet mode display the full drop-down mobile menu instead.

I have also disabled all plugins to test, no difference… any suggestions?

Thank you so much!

Hello there,

I found this line in the main.min.js file of your site hasn’t been changed.

  matchMedia("only screen and (max-width: 1024px) 

Check out other alternative solution I’ve posted here in this thread. You’d need to adjust the breakpoint values.


Hi, thanks for your reply, I actually did, on my offline copy on my PC (running xampp), sorry should have been specific.

I’ll test your alternative solution & get back to you, thanks again, very fast reply for a free theme!

Hi, I’ve tested the solution on the link you’ve given as well as in this link:

What I’m getting is the standard menu display for a split second before the mobile menu took over, fully opened, just like the gentleman in the above link.

Here is how it looks like:

Any other suggestion? Thank you!